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Fobio Key Fob PDF Pattern

Fobio Key Fob PDF Pattern

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Be fearless with Fobio! Cut a basic zipper apart, take off the pull, stitch one side of the zipper tape in straight and flat. Features Joan's One-Zip technique of creating a loop style zipper. Bring the zip ends together and use Joan’s Easy-On trick to easily add one or more zipper pulls to make this lanyard-style key fob. Grab your favorite scraps, some bright zips, extra pulls, then go wild or mild and make a few or a slew! Fobio zips up to your wrist to secure. Clip to our Sweetpea Pods or Becca Bags pouch for an instant wristlet!

Size 1 1/4" x 6"


  • Use 100% cotton quilting weight fabric.

  • The Fobio pattern is in PDF format and is 5 pages of cover/instruction.

  • Full color photo instructions.

  • This is a rotary cut design, no pattern pieces provided.

  • Pattern includes a Bonus project.

Important Zipper Notes

  • The One-Zip technique works with polyester, All-purpose, basic apparel zippers (size #3 or #4.5) by YKK, Coats & Clark, or Talon brands.

  • All zipper tape and pulls must be by the same manufacturer to work together. Example: only use YKK pulls with YKK zips. Some Coats & Clark zips are actually by Talon and will say so on the zipper package.

  • The One-Zip technique does not work with metal or sport weight zippers.

  • Test zips and pulls to make sure they work together before installation.

Basic Skills Necessary

  • Straight Stitch, rotary cutting (no pattern pieces provided).

  • An even-feed or walking foot may be helpful.

  • This project is designed to be made using 100% quilting cottons.


  • Zippers, pulls and key fob hardware available from Zipit on Etsy.

  • Fabric: One piece 2” x 14”

  • Interfacing: One piece 2” x 14” Face-It Soft SLG103 lightweight fusible

  • Zipper: One 14” (or longer) polyester all-purpose YKK recommended

  • Optional: 1-2 extra zipper pulls by the same manufacturer as zipper. To swap zipper pull colors as shown on the pattern, buy extra pulls. The pull that came on the zipper will work with that zipper.

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