PDF Troubleshooting

Here are some tips for how to handle common difficulties with PDF patterns:

It's important to save a copy of PDF pattern files in a safe place. This will allow you to access a file many times and/or replace a lost or damaged printout in the future. 

A link to download the pattern will show up after checkout. It will also be sent to the email address provided at checkout (entering an incorrect email address will prohibit the delivery). The download link will work a total of five times. This doesn't mean that you can only use the pattern five times - just that you can only access it from the email five times.  

Once you save the file within your own system, you can view it as many times as you like. That's why it's important to save a copy in a safe place that you can reference in the future.

If it seems like the download link isn't working:

It's possible that the link is working, but the process didn't look like what you were expecting. For example, if your system isn't set up to automatically open downloaded files, and you clicked the link with the expectation that it would make the file pop open.

Look for the downloaded file in your Downloads folder, Files app, or your Browser's downloads queue, or by doing a system search for the name of the pattern.

To access the PDF pattern on an iPad or iPhone: Follow the steps listed here.

If you can't find the downloaded file anywhere:

Try using the link again, but first:

  • Make sure your computer/device is running a current version of Adobe Reader, or comparable PDF reading software.
  • Make sure you have a good wifi connection (possibly restarting your modem/router).
  • Complete all pending system updates (iOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Try using a different browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Power off and restart your device.

When you try the link again, watch what's happening in the corners of your screen. If the file doesn't automatically pop open, you will probably see some kind of progress box (where it's located will depend on your device and operating system) that you can click on to open the file.

If you're getting a message that says the link no longer works:

This means the system shows that you've already downloaded the file five times. If you haven't yet saved a copy of the file, you can contact us to request another link.

If you're getting this message on what seems like the first time you click the link, your security settings may be trying to stop you from downloading a file from the internet. This doesn't happen often but, when it does, it's almost always when someone is using their work email or computer. 

If this describes your situation, we may need to send the link to a different address. Please contact us to request a new link. 

If the file looks funny, or is missing pages:

The file is in PDF format and needs to be viewed using PDF viewing software like Adobe Reader

If your device is trying to open the file using some other software, or you've accidentally saved the file in a different format, it won't look right. If you're looking at the file in Reader, and it still looks "off", delete that file and download a new copy.

If you're having trouble printing the file:

Even at reduced "optimized" size, pattern files still include lots of text and images that can overwhelm some wireless home printers. If this is happening to you, using the "print as image" function will often solve the problem. 

If you try to print and are only getting the first couple of pages, this usually means that you've inadvertently asked your computer/device to print what it sees on the screen in the current browser window, rather than telling it to print the pattern file. To print the entire pattern file, open it in Adobe Reader and select "print" from the drop-down menu.

HP Printer Issue - We are aware of an issue that appears to be isolated to HP Printers. Despite selecting 100% scale they do not always print at 100% scale. As a result templates may not print properly with HP Printers. We suggest you measure the box on the template to confirm accuracy. It is not a Jaybird Quilts or Lazy Girl Designs issue, it is an HP issue. We’re hoping it is resolved soon. Keep this in mind for any PDFs that you purchase from anyone, not just us. 

It's important to save a copy of PDF pattern files in a safe place. This will allow you to access a file many times and/or replace a lost or damaged printout in the future.